Lacroix Lot 300 April 2020 Campaign Launch

April 15, 2020


Case Study:

Cidre Lacroix Lot 300 Product Launch

Case Study:

Cidre Lacroix Lot 300 Product Launch

Cidrerie Lacroix
Campaign Producer:
Andrew Johnson
Cidrerie Lacroix
Campaign Producer:
Andrew Johnson


Raise awareness of their new Mixer Pack.

Raise awareness of their two new flavours: Watermelon Basil & Pineapple.

Raise awareness that their products are local and made in Québec.

Raise awareness that their products are available in more than 2000 stores across Québec.

Target Audience:


Male & Female


Living in Quebec


18 to 30

Enjoys products that are different from beer, easy to drink and of high quality.

Likes fruity products but is not looking for something that is too sugary.

Enjoys consuming local products.

The strategy we implemented.

Knowing that Instagram is where our target audience of 18 to 30 year old millenials spend the majority of their time online these days, we focused our efforts on this platform without neglecting other platforms such as Facebook and Youtube.

We opted for Instagram as our main touch point with millenials living in Québec because:

In Canada, 12 760 000 people use Instagram, which accounted for 33.8% of its entire population.

(Source: Instagram)

In Canada, people aged 20 to 34 are the largest user segment group.

(Source: Instagram)

In Canada, Instagram is the second-most downloaded free app in the Apple app store.

(Source: eMarketer)

In Canada, Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform.

(Source: eMarketer)

A mosaic landing page for Cidre Lacroix’s Instagram account.

We designed a mosaic for Cidre Lacroix’s Instagram account comprised of 15 individual frames that when looked at from a global perspective they all come together to tell Cidre Lacroix’s brand story, but also work as individual frames when seen by a user in their newsfeed.

The mosaic was comprised of 5 video ads we produced as well as 10 eye catching images. As a whole this mosaic acted as a landing page to properly capture the attention and interest of all the new people that would visit Cidre Lacroix’s Instagram account once the campaign was launched.

Tip: Click on the videos below to watch them.


Unleashing the influence of our Creator Community.

In order to drive traffic to our mosaic we enlisted 80 influential creators on Instagram from our Creator Community Platform to talk about Cidre Lacroix’s new flavours on launch day. We sent all the Creators 3 mixer packs with the mandate to produce a variety of photos and videos to be posted on their accounts simultaneously on launch day.

The Creators we enlisted had a variety of audience sizes:


Nano (1k-10k followers)


Micro (10k-50k followers)


Macro (50k-250k followers)

Our Creators enlisted have a combined follower count of ~1 million people.

The Creator Community Results.

Here are the results from our collaboration with 80 creators on Instagram:

Results from content posted in feed:


photos produced and posted


people reached


impressions delivered





Results from stories posted:


story frames posted photos


story impressions delivered

A Series of 5 Product Video Ads.

Our sister company Independant Studios produced a series of 5 ads to showcase the mixer pack as well as each individual flavour.

Formats produced:

16:9 for Youtube and Facebook

9:16 for Instagram Stories

4:5 for Instagram Feed





The Video Ad Results.


views across all platforms in the first 14 days of being put online

Hyper-targeted social media ads

In order to maximize consumption and engagement on the content we produced we used various ad buying strategies.

Prospecting Strategy

on the Cidre Lacroix Accounts
We used a prospecting strategy to find new people who did not know of Cidre Lacroix products yet.

Remarketing Strategy

on the Cidre Lacroix Accounts
We used a remarketing strategy in order to reinforce the idea our new product line with existing customers and fans.

Branded Content

on the Creators Instagram accounts
We used a portion of our ads budget to run ads on the top 10 posts made by our Creators combining our prospecting strategy and our remarketing strategy.

The ad platforms we used

Instagram Ads

YouTube Ads

Facebook Ads

The Ad Buying Results


total impressions delivered


people reached


post engagements

The Client

Cidrerie Lacroix inc.

Etienne Dancose
Director of Business Activities

One sure thing is that influencers campaigns are THE thing right now. However, how many brands really have impact using such strategies? Not so many. Most of the time, you can feel its product placement. This is something Andrew & the team managed perfectly. We made sure our campaign was going to be relevant for our consumers and strike their imagination. Having impact. By making sure all our partners and creators posted quality content, the same day at the same time, we flooded Quebec’s Instagram’s pages with amazing images and captions of delicious looking ciders. A few days into the campaign, we’re already seeing results on the field! Bigger orders from retailers, amazing feedbacks from consumers and many more apples in Quebec’s houses. Summer can now begin!

The Creative Teams

AMJ Media Creatives

Producer & Strategist:Andrew Johnson
Social Media Manager:Pascale-Lou Angelillo
Collaboration Coordinator:Janie Boulanger
Ad Buyer:Alex Tossounian
Web Designer:Émile Séguin
Graphic Designer:Samantha Ste-Marie

Independant Studios Creatives

Executive Producer /
Line Producer
Andrew Johnson
Director / Editor:Jordan Lavery
DOP:René Arseneau
Lead Gaffer / Grip:Jean-Charles Myrand
Grip:Cody Airth
Art Department:Susan MacQuarrie
Art Department Assistant:Rebecca Dory
Production Coordinator:Alex Tossounian
Food Stylist:Gabrielle Dalessandro

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Campaign Producer:
Andrew Johnson

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