Job Posting

Community Manager

Agency: Dreww Media inc
Job Title: Community Manager ("CM")
Direct Supervisor: Olivia Rijntjes, Director of Agency
Term: Full-time, permanent
Workplace: Dreww HQ (Griffintown Office)
Salary: 35k-45k (based on experience)

About Dreww

Dreww is an audience-first full-service advertising agency and production studio based in Montreal, Canada. Dreww is a collective of highly talented multidisciplinary digital natives, all working together as one, to propel brands online.

What makes us different

We Are Digital Natives
Our core team is composed primarily of digital natives who grew up online and live in the social ecosystems that brands want to be relevant in. As much as we play on the world wide web, we are also friends, acquaintances and colleagues with many of the thought leaders and influential content creators that make up the fabric of these social ecosystems.
We Are A Multi-disciplinary Collective
A successful digital communications campaign requires multiple types of creative skill sets to come together and work as one to propel a brand online. We bring producers, strategists, filmmakers, photographers, web designers, social media managers, ad buyers, publicists, influence campaign managers, and copywriters together to create amazing work for our clients.
We Believe In an Audience-first Approach
We know what inspires our client’s target audience, how to speak their language and where they hang out online. And we also know what kind of content they care about and how to introduce them to our client’s brand in order to make a memorable first impression.

Profile of our ideal candidate

The digital native we are looking for grew up with their phone in their hands and frequently uses social media platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, and Facebook. We are looking for someone who has excellent customer service skills and enjoys communicating with people online. In a perfect world, we are looking for someone who is a passionate foodie and knowledgeable with regard to the food and beverage industry.

The candidate we are looking for does not need to have previous agency experience and/or could have just graduated. This is an entry-level position and our team will gladly teach you our ways of working.

Job Description / Responsibilities

Social Media Management

  • CM is responsible for scheduling / posting the content from the calendar to the relevant social media platforms. 
  • CM is responsible for engaging with the online community we are building for our clients and responding to their queries via comments and direct messages in a timely fashion.
  • CM is responsible for engaging and interacting with relevant industry influencers/opinion leaders via our client’s social media accounts.

Influencer Outreach

  • CM is responsible for conducting outreach to relevant content creators and influencers on Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube.

Content Productions

  • Occasionally, CM will be asked to assist during various content productions.


  • Other responsibilities will arise as the agency grows beyond the embryo it is now.


  • Impeccable written/spoken French and English
  • Strong ability to build relationships with clients, employees, partners
  • Basic knowledge of brand building
  • Great knowledge of social media platforms
  • Expertise using a phone to create beautiful media content for social media
  • Superior organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Superior time management skills
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Ability to work flexible hours remotely
  • Resourceful and autonomous team player
  • Strong ability to build relationships with influencers
  • Capacity to work independently and autonomously
  • Willingness to learn and stay updated with digital marketing trends
  • Passionate about marketing, branding, and social media

Other requirements for the job

  • Must have a valid drivers license