Job Posting

Senior Film Production Manager

Agency: Dreww Media inc (Studio Division)
Job Title: Senior Film Production Manager
Direct Supervisor: Executive Producer
Term: Contract
Workplace: Remote (Montreal, Quebec)
Salary: Based on experience

About Dreww

Dreww is an audience-first full-service advertising agency and production studio based in Montreal, Canada. Dreww is a collective of highly talented multidisciplinary digital natives, all working together as one, to propel brands online.

What makes us different from all other agencies and studios

We Are Digital Natives
Our core team is composed primarily of digital natives who grew up online and live in the social ecosystems that brands want to be relevant in. As much as we play on the world wide web, we are also friends, acquaintances and colleagues with many of the thought leaders and influential content creators that make up the fabric of these social ecosystems.
We Are A Multi-disciplinary Collective
A successful digital communications campaign requires multiple types of creative skill sets to come together and work as one to propel a brand online. We bring producers, strategists, filmmakers, photographers, web designers, social media managers, ad buyers, publicists, influence campaign managers, and copywriters together to create amazing work for our clients.
We Believe In an Audience-first Approach
We know what inspires our client’s target audience, how to speak their language and where they hang out online. And we also know what kind of content they care about and how to introduce them to our client’s brand in order to make a memorable first impression.

Profile of our ideal candidate

We are looking for a veteran PM to join Dreww and help us scale our studio division and operate within industry standards while maintaining profitability. We are a young team of filmmakers that are very ambitious and gaining momentum with bigger and bigger projects coming our way, and we need a PM with experience who can guide us through this growth period. The PM must have experience managing 100k-500k film budgets and must know the ins and outs of the film production business here in Montreal and across Canada. Our young team is looking for someone to mentor us over the course of 2021 on a contract basis with an option to renew with a permanent position upon completion of the mandate.

Job Description / Responsibilities

  • Locations: The production manager oversees the initial location scouting and manages any financial arrangements to secure locations.
  • Releases and Permits: The production manager is responsible for making sure that all locations and cast have the prerequisite releases filed with the production office. They also ensure that all necessary permitting has been taken care of for each respective location.
  • Shooting schedule: The production manager works with the producers to make a shooting schedule that satisfies the scheduling restrictions of all cast and crew as well as location availability.
  • Budget: Creates a working budget that accounts for personnel, equipment, and locations.
  • Crew hires: Work with the producer to hire crews and contract with suppliers.
  • Housing and transportation: Coordinates all necessary transportation and housing for the cast and crew for the duration of the filming schedule.
  • Crew liaison: The production manager will serve as a liaison between local authorities and the director and crew.
  • Production report: The production manager is responsible for completing a daily production report, which shows how the day’s shooting went and reports any deviations from the master shooting schedule and budget.


  • Organization. The ability to plan, organize, and administer a complex production with multiple people. A huge part of being a production manager is organizing and scheduling all the moving parts that make up a film set.
  • Excellent budgeting and accounting skills. Keeping track of a film’s budget is one of the most important jobs a production manager has.
  • Excellent communication skills. The production manager must communicate and work with producers, the director, studio executives, crew heads as well as local government and authorities.
  • Knowledge of film and TV production. The production manager must have extensive knowledge of film production beyond their specific job duties as they are required to communicate and coordinate with almost every department on a film set.
  • Contacts. Having a working relationship with equipment suppliers and crew is a must. When starting new productions, being able to call on the services of people whose abilities you trust will go along way in helping you in your pre-production planning.
  • Knowledge of laws and regulations. The production manager should be well versed in health and safety regulations, insurance, basic human resources issues, contracts, labour law.

Other requirements for the job

  • Valid drivers license and a vehicle
  • A desire in passing down knowledge to a younger generation of filmmakers
  • A passion for marketing, advertising, and filmmaking