Poparazzi: The new anti-Instagram app ranks #1 on the App Store

May 27, 2021


What if the future of social networks was multiplayer? 

With Poparazzi, there’s no question of locking yourself up at home to take selfies; to get content you have to get out and see your friends!

Poparazzi emphasizes authenticity and social interaction, concepts that resonate strongly in today’s world. In the midst of a period of gradual deconfinement, many of us have realized how important human contact is, something that traditional social networks do not necessarily promote.

The application’s mission is to eliminate the pressure to be perfect on social media by preventing users from posting photos of themselves. The application declares itself as the “Anti Selfie Club”. With its multiplayer concept, it is up to users to publish each other’s photos. Friends have an active role and become paparazzis. A totally different approach that promotes social contacts. The purpose of social networks is to make you more connected after all.

This new concept resonates well with users who realize more and more how traditional social networks reflect a life of unattainable standards. As explained in their Medium post, Poparazzi wants to promote life’s imperfect moments.  It’s time to end the never-ending quest for perfection with Facetune, filters and perfect feeds.

The application also wants to abolish the feeling of competition present on other social networks. The number of subscribers/followers is not taken into account. The photos published by users are shared with your network of friends. The concept is similar to a “finsta”, a second less perfect Instagram account some users maintain with their inner circle of friends. This type of account became popular when Instagram users wanted to break the mold of perfect photos and share photos of their daily lives that reflect more their personality and reality. 

The success of Poparazzi so far is astounding. Available on the App Store for only 4 days, Poparazzi is already ranked number 1 in the list of free applications. The app will soon be available for Android on Google Play.

At Dreww, we tested it. As digital natives, we like to stay on top of the latest technology. Our verdict? We love the experience. As soon as the application opens, the phone comes to life with an introductory video. Since the application is new and in high demand, you shouldn’t be surprised to encounter slowness. We can imagine that their servers are being overloaded at the moment. However, future updates will resolve most of the issues you may encounter when you first try it.   

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Andrew Johnson

President and co-founder of Dreww.