How we combined Grandé Studios' three websites, centralized their service offering and generate over 60,000 organic views in under a year.

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Key Focus

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Grandé Studios offers cutting-edge equipment, technical capacity and facilities for film, documentary and television shows. Whether it’s renting you state-of-the-art equipment with Grandé caméra or Grandé éclairage, offering you the vast shooting spaces of Grandé studios or bringing your projects to fruition at Grandé post-production. Grandé Studios is home to numerous TV shows such as Génial!, Dans les médias, Les chefs!, LOL, as well as original productions such as Le chant des noms, GHOSTS, Transplant, Damp, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Jack Ryan and Moonfall, to name a few.


When Grandé Studios approached us, they had three websites for each of their departments; Grandé Camera, Grandé Studio and Grandé Post Production. Each of the websites had a different brand identity, an inadequate design language and outdated services information. Visitors weren’t being shown Grandé's full service offering and to piece information from multiple websites to make important business decisions, delaying their projects and resulting in missed business opportunities for Grandé. Fair to say, we were excited to take on the challenge.


Our mandate was to combine Grandé's three sites into one. We also wanted to update the design language and provide a consistent brand identity. We needed to improve how Grandé communicates its products and services offering and to streamline user inquiries to the right department.


Our team began by conducting a thorough audit of Grandé Studios’ current web presence, brand identity and business objectives. We rapidly put together a new site architecture that clearly divides the content into distinct sections and established an intuitive navigation model. We categorized the primary menu by services offering and created individual pages for each studio and each product category. In order to streamline sales, client inquiries and customer support, we created a thorough contact page that leads to their respective departments.


Grandé is now the hub for every department of the company, making it easy for internal and external users to find the content they are looking for. The updated design now reflects the expertise and brand reputation of one of Canada's leading production company. We’re proud to have been a part of this project and look forward to helping more clients in the entertainment industry improve their online presence.

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