Maille Ad-Buying and Branded Content Production

  • Maille
  • Digital Ad Buying
During all of 2020, we managed Maille Canada’s Instagram advertising strategy. We produced locally relevant photo and video content as well as managed all of their digital ad buying. We invested 100% of their ad-buying budget on Instagram because that is the predominant platform in Canada where foodies spend their free time.

Instagram ad-buying results:

  • 6 million impressions delivered
  • 1.8 million Canadians reached
  • 250 000 thousand engagements
  • 3.63 frequency of impressions per user

Recipe video production

We produced recipe videos with our sister company Independant Studios. One of the videos was a Roasted Ham Recipe made by Charles Bizeul. The video was posted right before thanksgiving weekend, giving Canadians inspiration for what to cook during the holidays.

Photography Production:

During our first culinary photography production of 2020 for Maille, we collaborated with Charles Bizeul and Theo Léroux, two chefs from France now living in Canada. We opted to create lifestyle cooking content. Nothing to commercial. We wanted to share the passion for cooking instead of putting the product in your face like many brands do all too often. 

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