The Dreww Awards


The Dreww Awards

The Dreww Awards are an annual celebration of the hard work and achievements of our team members at Dreww. These awards are a chance for us to recognize the contributions and dedication of our employees, and to show our appreciation for their efforts. This year, we will be awarding two categories: the MVP award and the Most Improved award.

To recognize the achievements of our MVP and Most Improved award recipients, we’ve created plaques for each award. Each plaque is made in double – one for the recipient to bring home and one to be displayed in the office. This way, we can honour the hard work and dedication of our team members both in the office and at home. The plaques will serve as a lasting reminder of their achievements and the contributions they have made to our team and company.

The categories

The MVP AwardTo be eligible for the MVP award at Dreww, an employee should demonstrate exceptional performance and contributions to the company over the past year. This includes taking on additional responsibilities and going above and beyond to help the company succeed. It is important to note that the MVP award is not just based on an employee's exceptional job performance, but also on their overall impact on the company. This could include things like their attitude, teamwork, and leadership skills. The recipient of the MVP award should be a role model for their colleagues and should be someone who consistently sets a high bar for performance and achievement.
The Most Improved AwardTo be eligible for the Most Improved award at Dreww, an employee should demonstrate significant growth and development over the past year. This could include increasing their knowledge or skills in their field, taking on new responsibilities and challenges, and actively seeking opportunities to learn and grow. It is important to note that the Most Improved award is not just based on an employee's improved job performance, but also their overall personal and professional development. In order to be considered for the Most Improved award, an employee should have consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a positive attitude, and should have actively sought out opportunities to grow and improve.

The 2022 Awards Recipients

The MVP Award goes to…
Olivia RijntjesManaging Director
The Most Improved Awards go to…
Julie FouquetSocial Media & Content Specialist