Joshua Rosenbaum joins Dreww’s film production team

January 28, 2022


January 28th, 2022, Montreal, QC – Joshua Rosenbaum joins the management team at Dreww, a full-service digital advertising agency and production studio, as Director of Film Productions. 

Josh has worked in various capacities within the film industry, ranging from writing, editing, directing, to more technical set work such as gripping and gaffing for AQTIS gigs. He has also held various management positions, enabling him to bring the appropriate expertise to managing a team of creatives.

After years of following Andrew’s journey, founder and CEO of Dreww, Josh became interested in working alongside him due to his vision for the agency and studio. Josh believes that Andrew’s approach to digital advertising is unique and wants to contribute to his vision of conquering the global agency landscape while working for the coolest brands across various industries.

Joshua Rosenbaum and Jean-Charles Myrand

Dreww’s first collaboration with Josh was for The Great Gentleman Holiday Campaign, which consisted of a set of three ads produced for Instagram and Tiktok, each depicting a different festive drink for consumers to try over the holidays.

Josh holds a BSc. in Psychology from Concordia University. Although film is a deviation from this initial path, his degree taught him to be both empathetic and nuanced; two qualities that help him understand the colleagues he works with and the stories that unfold in front of his camera. His meticulous eye also serves him daily; there is not a single detail that escapes him. 

As a self-taught filmmaker, he has been able to work on a range of projects, from music videos, documentaries, and advertisements. His first major milestones came in 2019 by directing and editing a mini-documentary about the rapper T.I., one of the highest-selling hip-hop artists of all time. Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, the film is centred around the rapper and features an extensive insight into his mind, process, and his budding hometown empire. The well-acclaimed documentary shows the viewers T.I.’s mission: spreading wisdom and opportunity to his community. 

His role as Director of Film Productions is to lead the film production division at Dreww. He will oversee all film productions, producing both internal and external content. His knowledge in cinematography and the inner workings of the film industry will make him a great asset for the agency + studio.

About Dreww: 

Dreww is a digital advertising agency and multidisciplinary production studio based in Montreal. A collective of digital natives, all working together to propel brands online.

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