La Série Desmeules with Alex Lapointe will be released on March 17th

March 12, 2021


On March 17th, La Série Desmeules produced by Dreww Studio, directed by Louis-David Jutras and produced by Andrew Johnson, presented by the dealerships Desmeules Chrysler and Blainville Chrysler, will be available on Facebook, Instagram IGTV and Youtube. Written by Eric McCarthy, this web series of 4-minute episodes, features Alex Lapointe, Chrystelle Quintin, and Karl Farah.

La Série Desmeules with Alex Lapointe, is about a young adult in his early thirties, naive and ingenuous. Alex constantly accumulates badlucks and finds himself in embarrassing situations because he can’t get rid of his old car. Whether it is to impress a first date or to get to work on time, his car is a pain in the ass. Not to mention the exorbitant costs at the garage. The solution becomes obvious to Alex: He needs a new car!

Alex Lapointe et Andrew Johnson

This web series was created following Alexandre Parenteau’s infatuation for Alex Lapointe’s viral videos, such as Pénis Lavabo. Owner of the two dealerships featured in the series, Alexandre Parenteau often ate at Grinder restaurant in Montreal, a place where Alex Lapointe worked for many years. Wanting to produce an innovative publicity stunt, Alexandre Parenteau decided to call on Alex Lapointe and Dreww Studio to produce a creative and entertaining web series about his dealerships. Dreww Studio is an expert in original branded content, as seen in other videos they have produced for Addison stores. These videos have generated over a million views on various platforms, such as Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. 

The episodes will be released every Wednesday, starting on March 17.

About Dreww: 

Dreww is an audience-first digital advertising agency and multidisciplinary production studio based in Montreal. A collective of digital natives, all working together to propel brands online.

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Andrew Johnson

President and co-founder of Dreww.