Olivier Primeau plastered 2500 posters on 150 facades all over the city of Montreal

November 3, 2018


Montreal, Thursday, April 14, 2016As part of a communications campaign, the Beachclub team is launching several innovative stunts this summer, starting with an unusual initiative which plastered Olivier Primeau’s SnapCode on 150 facades all over the city of Montreal.

Olivier took up the SnapChat challenge several months ago when the app was just catching on, and now is raking in some 20,000 views a day on SnapChat, making him a pioneer in Quebec. He’s now inviting the general public to watch his original content on his favourite platform as part of this unique campaign.

The really interesting element of this PR Stunt is that people walking in the street who see Olivier’s SnapCode can subscribe to his channel simply by scanning the yellow SnapCode, just as one would with a QR Code.

SnapChat or a real-time reality TV channel?

Olivier, who has exceeded the maximum number of connections on SnapChat and recently launched his own Geofilter, shares personal and promotional content on a daily basis, often providing scoops about Beachclub to his followers. He has a close relationship with his fans, who are just as interested in Olivier as they are in the company he manages. Olivier has been able to adapt and take advantage of new trends, offering exclusive content on the web, since his fans are increasingly abandoning traditional media for their smartphones. Olivier Primeau’s snapchat account is kind of like a real-time reality TV show, where he interacts with his fans and answers the many messages he receives, thus creating an unusually close relationship with them.

After only one year at the helm of Beachclub, Olivier Primeau has become a social media icon, with nearly 100 million impressions on Facebook, 8 million Facebook video views, and 400,000 pageviews on olivierprimeau.com.

The countdown has started leading up to the opening of Beachclub on May 22nd. Follow Olivier Primeau’s SnapChat, OLIPRIME, to get more information on programming for 2016 or to follow the Beachclub team at Tomorrowland, one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world, to be held in Brazil from April 21st to 23rd.

About Olivier Primeau

Olivier Primeau, owner of Beachclub in Pointe-Calumet since 2015, is a young, ambitious entrepreneur who, thanks to a lot of hard work, has made this outdoor club—ranked 62nd by the reputed magazine, DJ Mag—one of the most popular in the world. With his taste for luxury and a lifestyle that is the envy of many, Olivier has established himself as a seasoned businessman and an influencer of the young and not so young.

Campaign Credits:

Agency: Dreww

Strategist / Producer: Andrew Johnson

Photos: Peter Ryaux-Larsen

Video: Andrew AMJ

PR: Agence FDM

Graphic Design: Bzoing

Guerilla Marketing: Montreal Affichage

Video Gear Partner: Lozeau

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Andrew Johnson

President and co-founder of Dreww.