Why we value nano-influencers with 2k followers over those with 100k

May 20, 2021


A common misconception is that the number of followers an influencer or creator has on Instagram is what determines how valuable they are. In fact, it is often the opposite, as profiles with a larger follower count tend to have a less engaged audience. This helps explain why businesses do find nano-influencers to be more profitable relative to influencers with a massive follower count. At Dreww, we believe that nano-influencers are a very important part of a successful influence marketing strategy.

What are Nano-Influencers?

In its simplest form, nano-influencers are Instagram users who have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. Their Instagram feed often isn’t glamorous nor polished. They are regular people, just like your customers, and use an authentic and human approach to interact with their audience. Nano-influencers accept to work with brands because they genuinely love them and are happy to share it with their network. These influencers aren’t there only for the paycheck such as bigger influencers. They love sharing content and their audience can feel that they are genuine and honest.

Why They Matter 

Including nano-influencers in your influence campaign can result in better engagement and conversion and hence a successful campaign. As surprising as it may sound, an influencer with a relatively small follower count can have a larger impact than one with many thousands. Given the size of their respective audience, nano-influencers can often reply to comments, provide meaningful answers and engage in open and honest conversation. For instance, during our recent campaign with Cidre Lacroix, Beatrice de Oliveira obtained an engagement rate of 12.5% on her paid collaboration post. In comparison, Kim Kardashian has an overall engagement rate of 2.24%.  Nano-influencers maintaining their small network can establish a much more personal connection with their followers, who see them as a friend that they can trust. Macro-influencer or celebrities often live a lifestyle that is unrelatable with unrealistic expectations. What’s more, is that nano-influencers are often seen as more genuine; they aren’t individuals who are simply looking to sell a product, rather they are more oriented towards sharing an experience. Numbers don’t lie; small influencers have roughly 22 times more weekly conversations about purchasing recommendations than the average consumer. Last but not least, nano-influencers are relatively cheaper than others, pairing this with their better engagement rate, leads to an increased ROI. Some of them are even willing to promote your brand in exchange for products. 

How To Select Them? 

What’s important is making sure you select a candidate that accurately reflects your brand values. This ensures that your campaign delivers the right message, to the right audiences. Finding the right nano-influencer can be challenging, as they aren’t as exposed and need to be discovered. Having a smaller audience, you will have to select many of them to meet your campaign’s goals. This is why, over the years, we built Dreww Creators; a powerful community of influencers all across Canada. We have influencers of all sizes – from nano to macro and we carefully handpicked each one of them based on their creativity, content quality, and engagement metrics. This tool is highly valuable as it allows us to connect with thousands of influencers.

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Andrew Johnson

President and co-founder of Dreww.