Archibald and Cidrerie Lacroix renew their partnership with Dreww for 2022

March 10, 2022


Montreal, January 24th 2022Archibald Microbrasserie and Cidrerie Lacroix, two leaders of Quebec alcoholic beverage industry are renewing their partnership with Dreww for 2022. 

The collaboration between Dreww and Archibald and Cidrerie Lacroix is not new. The marketing director of both brands, Etienne Dancosse, has worked with the team of digital natives for several years on numerous projects for Cidrerie Lacroix. Last year, Archibald’s team decided to entrust Dreww with the management of Archibald Microbrasserie’s digital advertising initiatives.

Andrew Johnson and Etienne Dancosse

“In 2021, Archibald and Cidrerie Lacroix were able to shine online thanks to the advertising initiatives we ran in with Dreww. Influence campaigns, photo productions, social media management… Through all these projects, Dreww was able to target the needs of both brands, while optimizing their digital presence. It was only natural to continue our collaboration.” Étienne Dancosse, Marketing Director for Archibald and Cidrerie Lacroix. 

Photo produced for Archibald by Dreww

In 2022, Dreww’s mandate will be to increase awareness of both brands, while driving market share growth by leveraging their various social media platforms, buying all of their digital ads and producing photos, commercials, and short-form viral videos for Reels and Tiktok. 

Short-form videos such as Tiktoks or Reels are currently dominating the digital scene, and have been for more than two years. These innovative and fast-growing platforms need to be added to brands’ marketing strategies. That’s why Dreww has built a team of TikTok and Reels specialists who are dedicated to feeding Archibald’s and Cidrerie Lacroix’s Instagram and TikTok with short-form videos. Etienne has understood the advertising potential of these two brand new platforms and is embracing this new trend by giving Dreww leeway to exploit them.

2022 is the year of short-form videos. TikTok is today the world’s most downloaded app. It has taken the world by storm, and people are noticing. This has caused Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, to announce that moving forward Instagram will become predominantly a short-form video application, rather than a photo-sharing app. If brands want to be seen on Instagram in the coming months and years, they must embrace this new trend. Etienne has entrusted us to do exactly this for Archibald Microbrasserie and Cidrerie Lacroix and I am very proud that Dreww is at the forefront of these changes.” Andrew Johnson, Founder, CEO of Dreww.

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About Archibald

Archibald is the perfect combination of a microbrewery and a unique Quebec restaurant concept. The enchanting decor of the premises, combined with the live shows ensure an exceptional atmosphere every time. Archibald has 6 restaurants, 1 microbrewery and more than 800 employees working every day to ensure the success of the company. Archibald products can be found in most grocery stores, convenience stores and supermarkets in the province.

About Cidrerie Lacroix

Cidrerie Lacroix combines a cider house, an orchard with apple picking and a gourmet table, located in the heart of the Lower Laurentians. The Lacroix family has been growing and processing apples for over 150 years! Cidrerie Lacroix knows how to play with apples in order to produce ciders of the highest quality, whether it’s sparkling, flavored, ice or fire. Cidrerie Lacroix products can be found in most grocery stores, convenience stores and supermarkets in the province.

About Dreww

Dreww is a full-service digital advertising agency and multidisciplinary production studio. It’s a collective of digital natives, all working together to propel brands online.

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