Peter Ryaux-Larsen joins Dreww as Technical Director

March 8, 2022


March 8th, 2022, Montreal, QuébecDreww is happy to announce that Peter Ryaux-Larsen has joined the agency as Technical Director. With over 10 years of hands-on experience in the film, music, and arts scene, as well as in the IT industry, Peter brings to the agency a wide array of technical skills that will allow Dreww to stay ahead of the technological curve.

Peter Ryaux-Larsen on the Desmeules Web-Series Set in 2021

“I’ve been working with Peter since 2011 across various projects. His mind has always impressed me. He thinks like an engineer but also understands the nuances of cinematography, photography, and art in the context of advertising and social media. This powerful combination of knowledge allows him to bring simple solutions to us in order to resolve complex technical challenges we face in the office and on a set. I’m very happy to finally permanently welcome Peter to the team.Andrew Johnson, Founder, and CEO at Dreww.

Peter’s background and skillsets range through photography, cinema lighting, cinema gripping/gaffing, drone piloting, IT/computer sciences, 3D printing/design, sound production, stage rigging and carpentry, to name a few.

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