The Great Gentleman Mixologist of the Moment


In 2022, The Great Gentleman partnered with two Montreal-based mixologists to create original cocktails using The Great Gentleman products. They were asked to showcase their mixology skills via cocktail recipes of different levels: beginner, intermediate, and expert. 

Our first local mixologist was Michael “Mickey” Rizk, the Manager at Bar Pamplemousse, a Caribbean-inspired pub located in Montreal’s vibrant Quartier des Spectacles. Our second master mixologist was none other than Christian Theodore, aka “The Haitian Sensation”, the Manager at Bar Le Mal Nécessaire, a tiki-inspired cocktail bar located in Chinatown, Montreal, known for its fresh ingredients and its zero-waste program.

Mickey Rizk

Christian Theodore

We also created a series of Instagram REELs and TikToks for this campaign, introducing the featured mixologists and showcasing the step-by-step recipes created for The Great Gentleman.

@thegreatgentlemansodas Voici le Fizz Mal-élevé, signé Christian, notre mixologue du moment et barman au Mal Nécessaire. 🍊🍂 . . Here’s the Fizz Mal-Élevé created by Christian, our mixologist of the moment and barman at Le Mal Nécessaire. 🍊🍂 #thegreatgentleman #sodas ♬ son original – The Great Gentleman 🍸
@thegreatgentlemansodas Voyez comment Christian, notre mixologue du moment, s’y prend pour faire son cocktail: le Meli-Melon! 🍈 . . Here’s how Christian, our mixologist of the moment, makes his cocktail: the Meli-Melon! 🍈 #thegreatgentleman ♬ son original – The Great Gentleman 🍸

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