Juliette Vachon

Junior Social Media Specialist
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Juliette is a dynamic force at Dreww as a Junior Social Media Specialist, renowned for injecting each project with her vibrant creativity and boundless energy. Before joining us, she distinguished herself academically, graduating on the Dean's List in 2022-2023 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Cultural Studies from Concordia University. This was a testament to her dedication and potential, traits that were unmistakably evident during her interviews. At Dreww, Juliette is deepening her expertise in brand building through social media. Her focus on mastering both Reactive and Proactive community management strategies is instrumental in elevating our clients' brands on social media platforms, ensuring impactful and positive engagements. Juliette's approach is not just about managing online communities; it's about enriching them with meaningful interactions and creative strategies.

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