Andrew’s Interview Segment in the Audacieux Documentary

March 9, 2020


I had the opportunity of participating in Olivier Primeau’s feature-length documentary Audacieux, produced and distributed on Club Illico by Videotron. In my interview, we discussed how Oli went from being an unknown co-owner of the Primeau IGA Supermarket in his hometown of Sainte-Martine to one of the most talked-about and controversial public figures and businessmen in Québec.

Back in 2015 when I pitched Oli and his family my marketing strategy to make him the face of the business using savvy social media marketing strategies and public relations stunts, he had less than 2500 followers on Instagram and Facebook. Today, 5 years later he has more than 500k fans and multiple successful derivative products under his belt.

My work with Oli changed the course of my life and I thank him and his family deeply for believing in me and for giving me my breakthrough chance that every entrepreneur needs.


Andrew AMj’s Interview in “Audacieux”

Kylie Jenner / Olivier Primeau PR Stunt Interview

The Kylie Jenner stunt Oli and I pulled off made him and overnight social media public figure in Québec. This is an interview I did with Global National News the day after we announced on TMZ that Oli would be hosting Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday at Beachclub. After TMZ dropped this bomb, more than 800 other news articles we’re published in 20 different countries around the world.

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Andrew Johnson

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