Dreww launches “Sans Modération” with Lysandre Nadeau for St. Regis Wines

December 14, 2020


December 14th, 2020 – Dreww, in collaboration with Quebec’s very own femme fatale Lysandre Nadeau, is launching a campaign entitled “Sans Modération” for St.Regis dealcoholized wines. This campaign goes online just in time for the holidays in an effort to educate consumers that they have delicious tasting alternatives to regular wine and/or sparkling wine over the holidays. 

We partnered up with the renowned influencer, previously assumed “party girl” just in time to celebrate the 25 years old’s 5 months of sobriety. Lysandre battled with mental health issues and she was drinking in excess on a regular basis. Finally, she decided to make the decision to quit drinking.

Over the past few months, Lysandre has been sharing her journey of sobriety with her followers and it became evident that a partnership between Nadeau and St.Regis simply made sense,” says Andrew Johnson, president of Dreww. 

The goal of the partnership? To open up the brand, usually perceived as a product for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers, to a younger demographic. We wanted to raise awareness and open up a dialogue around the subject of sobriety right before the holidays, a year when lots of people will be celebrating at home alone. 

Her content was posted online at 1:00 pm this afternoon, and after only 4 hours her photo had already gathered 20 000 likes and more than 200 comments.

We are really proud to be a part of Lysandre’s solution and we wish her continued health and success,” says Mylène Roy, Brand Manager for St Regis Wines. 

About St. Regis Wines

Made from the grapes of some of Europe’s finest vineyards, St.Regis is a brand that offers a full range of dealcoholized wines and sparkling wines, carefully crafted to provide the consumer with a highly quality product that can compete with any alcoholic wine without the added calories – or headaches. 

About Dreww

Dreww is a full-service digital advertising agency and production studio. We are a collective of multi-disciplinary digital natives, all working together as one, to propel your brand online.

Campaign Credits: 

Client: St. Regis Wines

Agency: Dreww 

Producer / Strategist: Andrew Johnson 

Producer / Strategist: Ann-Stephanie Dumont 

Campaign coordinator: Adriane Wasserman

Photographer: Peter Larsen 

Ad Buyer: Andrew Johnson 

Talent: Lysandre Nadeau

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Andrew Johnson

President and co-founder of Dreww.