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January 19, 2021


Montreal, January 19, 2021 – AMJ Media Inc. has merged with Independent Studios Inc. to form Dreww, an audience-first advertising collective. Over the last decade, AMJ Media has been creating and sharing leading-edge content for brands that understand their higher purpose is to truly engage with their consumers. Meanwhile, Independent Studios has been helping these brands tell their stories through sight and sound.

Today, Dreww combines the two to bring a new generation full-service advertising agency to the marketplace that focuses on what we believe are the two utterly neglected P’s in the “4 Marketing Principles”. While traditional marketers talk about product, price, promotion and point-of-sales, Dreww understands that today, the two most important things in the formula are missing from the equation: people and promise.

Jan 19th 2021 @ 9am – Live Press Conference – Dreww Launch

I’m really proud to announce the merger of AMJ Media Inc. and Independent Studios Inc. to form Dreww. After a number of years of having the two companies working more and more closely together on numerous projects, we realized that the merger made sense for us and our clients. Today, we’re a complete collective that is able to deliver on any type and size of advertising mandate,” said Andrew Johnson.

Further to that point, Ann-Stéphanie Dumont added, “The social media landscape is ever-changing, but being part of that ecosystem allows us to sense and see what’s next before it even arrives. This is where we live and breathe, and it’s hard to explain because it’s more about intuition and seeing a future you know will happen.

In launching Dreww, the team has also added a number of key members to expand on and add to their capabilities. Clothilde Fortin has joined the team and is bringing her expertise to all social media responsibilities, Evan Baird will provide enhanced production services and Olivia Rijntjes has been onboarded for her strategic advertising expertise managing influence campaigns.

Our 2021 agency + studio reel

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Andrew Johnson

President and co-founder of Dreww.