Hoegaarden Launches An Influence Campaign with 50 Creators in Québec

October 7, 2020


Today, October 7th, 2020, and tomorrow October 8th, 2020, 50 Dreww Creators from across Québec are coming together for Hoegaarden’s (Labatt Breweries) fall 2020 campaign.

Hoegaarden is a beer brewed for food. It’s perfect for picnics in the park, brunch on a patio or an afternoon garden party. Working hand in hand with Hoegaarden’s Canadian internal marketing team, we create a marketing program that asked 50 Dreww Creators to produce an elevated meal and pair it with Belgium’s original wheat beer.

Hoegaarden is excited to be partnering Quebec’s key tastemakers with the original #biereblanche. Dreww’s commitment to collaboration and quality content has made this partnership a great success.” – MACI LEVY | BRAND MANAGER – HOEGAARDEN

The Influencers Mandate

Between October 7th, and October 8th, Dreww Creators will make 1 carousel post on their Instagram Feed and 4-8 posts in their Instagram Stories. They will showcase a delicious meal paired with a Hoegaarden beer highlighting Quebec’s rustic-city flare.

The Hoegaarden story

In 1445, in the tiny village of Hoegaarden in the centre of Belgium, a group of monks set out to brew a special kind of wheat beer. Historical sources tell us that the first wheat beer was incredibly sour, but with a dedication to innovation and quality what remains today is a fresh wheat lager, with a commitment to natural ingredients, a unique brewing process, and a liquid that continues to be celebrated.

The Original Belgian Wheat Beer

Natural, fruity, and casually sophisticated with low bitterness and a taste of intensity. Coriander and bitter orange are not “typical” beer flavours, though thanks to Hoegaarden they’ve been with us for decades. Together, they’re distinctive, bright, and easy to drink. Like summer in a glass. Every sip is a creamy, mouth-full with a little bit of bite.

About Dreww

Dreww is a full-service digital advertising agency and production studio. We are a collective of multi-disciplinary digital natives, all working together as one, to propel your brand online.

You can watch real-time highlights of the campaign by following @Dreww_Creators on Instagram.

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Campaign Credits:

Client: Hoegaarden (Labatt Breweries Canada)

Agency: Dreww

Producer & Strategist: Andrew Johnson

Producer & Strategist: Ann-Stephanie Dumont

Co-Producer: Benjamin Brennan

Coordinator: Adriane Wasserman

Photographer: Jp Castonguay

Web Design: Emile Seguin

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Andrew Johnson

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