Lysandre Nadeau celebrates a year of sobriety with St. Regis

August 31, 2021


August 31, 2021, Montreal, Quebec – Quebec influencer and personality Lysandre Nadeau today celebrates her first year of sobriety in collaboration with St. Regis. In a video capsule produced by Dreww and Urbania, Lysandre shares her past relationship with alcohol with openness and candor. His touching vulnerability is sure to make many people reflect on their personal consumption, and may even encourage some to choose a healthier lifestyle.

It was following the numerous denunciations that took place during the summer of 2020 that Lysandre began to question herself and to introspect, realizing that her alcohol consumption had become toxic and could jeopardize her relationships with others. As a result, she decided to cut all alcoholic beverages completely from her daily routine, instead satisfying her cravings and habits by consuming de-alcoholized products.

When I realized that Lysandre Nadeau was celebrating her first year of sobriety at the same time as the brand new St. Regis de-alcoholized Spritz hit the shelves, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to tell Lysandre’s story of her journey with alcohol. I’m very proud of this project,” explained Andrew Johnson, founder and CEO of Dreww.

Lysandre Nadeau and Andrew Johnson

In December 2020, it collaborated for the first time with St. Regis, a company offering a wide selection of non-alcoholic wines and sparkling wines to delight the most discerning palates. The campaign, entitled Sans modération, was designed to educate consumers about the non-alcoholic alternatives available to celebrate during this usually “well-watered” time of year.

The “Without Moderation” campaign – December 2020

Since Lysandre loves St. Regis products and they’ve been an integral part of her journey to sobriety, it seemed a natural “fit” for Lysandre to collaborate with the company again to celebrate her first year of sobriety. We even see her consuming their newest product in the video: a de-alcoholized Spritz.

The St. Regis de-alcoholized Spritz 

Spritz St. Regis is a ready-to-drink alcohol-free cocktail. Gorgeously bright orange and deliciously effervescent, it features a light bitterness and a hint of sweetness, complemented by pleasant herbal notes. Carefully selected ingredients make this medium-bodied beverage an extraordinary taste experience. Soak up its Italian touch and experience the “Dolce vita”!

About St. Regis wines

Made from grapes grown in Europe’s finest vineyards, St. Regis de-alcoholized wines and sparkling wines are carefully crafted to offer consumers a high-quality product that can rival any alcoholic wine, without the added calories – or the headaches.

About Dreww

Dreww is a digital advertising agency and multidisciplinary production studio. It’s a collective of digital natives, all working together to propel brands online.

Campaign Credits: 

Client: St. Regis

Agency: Dreww

Production House: Dreww Studio 

Media Contributor: Urbania

Executive Producer : Andrew Johnson 

Executive Producer: Philippe Lamarre

Director and Editor: Louis-David Jutras

Camera Operator: JP Castonguay

Electrical Manager: Auguste Lapensée

Sound Mix: Zachary Scholes

Production Manager: Evan Baird

Media Strategy: Andrew Johnson

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