Archibald appoints Dreww as their digital agency of record

April 21, 2021


Montreal, April 21, 2021Archibald, a brand that embodies the perfect combination of a microbrewery and a unique restaurant experience across Quebec, has selected Dreww as their digital agency. 

While this may seem like a new collaboration, the relationship between the two companies goes back much further. As the newly appointed Marketing Director for Archibald, Etienne Dancosse has been working with the Dreww team on the Cidrerie Lacroix brand for the past 3 years. Following numerous advertising campaigns that have created a lot of buzz on social media, Étienne thought it was only right to extend this collaboration with Dreww, but now on Archibald’s accounts.

Archibald x Dreww

It was a logical next step in the collaboration between our companies. Archibald Microbrewery is a strong and well-established brand in Quebec. The company’s rapid growth now requires a special focus on media and our digital presence,” explains Etienne Dancosse, Marketing Director at Archibald and Cidrerie Lacroix.

Andrew Johnson (CEO @ Dreww) & Etienne Dancosse (Marketing Director @ Archibald, Cidrerie Lacroix)

Archibald’s social media accounts have always been a vehicle for growth. However, they were not used to their full potential. They were mainly informative.  We believe that with the right strategy, they can be an integral part of the brand’s equity and recognition strategy,” says Andrew Johnson, Founder, CEO and Executive Producer at Dreww

The Dreww team will work together to build brand awareness for Archibald, while rolling out influencer campaigns, starting with a campaign for the brand’s Fruity Mix. Ann-Stephanie Dumont will be account manager and content producer, along with Andrew Johnson, Evan Baird, Jordan Lavery, and Jean-Charles Myrand who will be in charge of their upcoming film productions. Patricia Brochu and Frank Latrémouille will also work on several photographic productions, both being part of the official Dreww photographer team, while Clothilde Fortin will be in charge of the company’s various social media platforms, and will work in conjunction with Adriane Wasserman, the community and influencer campaign manager, and Alex Toussinian, the media buyer. 

About Archibald

Archibald represents the perfect combination of a microbrewery and a unique Quebec restaurant concept. The enchanting decor of the premises, combined with the live shows ensure an exceptional atmosphere every time. Archibald has 6 restaurants, 1 microbrewery and more than 600 employees working every day to ensure the success of the company. Archibald products can be found in most grocery stores, convenience stores and supermarkets in the province.

About Dreww

Dreww is a full-service digital advertising agency and multidisciplinary production studio. It’s a collective of digital natives, all working together to propel brands online.


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Andrew Johnson

President and co-founder of Dreww.