Clothilde Fortin, Evan Baird and Jean-Charles Myrand join Dreww’s team

February 17, 2021


Clothilde Fortin, Evan Baird and Jean-Charles Myrand join the team at Dreww, a full-service digital advertising agency and production studio.

Clothilde, for her part, joins the team as Social Media Manager. Recognized for the quality of her work, she will ensure the management of the social media platforms of all the agency’s clients. Clothilde holds a specialization in Communications from Concordia University, as well as a solid background in graphic design and IT. She gained experience in the food industry by immersing herself in the world of publishing during her time at Ricardo. With a real passion for food and a keen sense of design, Clothilde knows that when seeking perfection in art and cooking, attention to detail is crucial. Her expertise will allow Dreww to strengthen their expertise in creating and sharing content on digital platforms. 

Clothilde Fortin

Evan joins the team as Assistant Producer and Production Manager. He will work alongside Andrew Johnson, the founder of the agency, where he will bring his passion and knowledge of the film industry to the table. Evan has extensive knowledge in the field of event planning. In particular, he has been in charge of ticketing for several venues, festivals and shows, such as New City Gas and Beachclub. With the COVID-19 pandemic, Evan turned his attention back to the world of film, which proved to be more exciting for him. So he started working part-time with Dreww as a Production Assistant. His hard work caught the attention of Andrew Johnson, who has since created a full-time position for him. With his impressive on-set knowledge and experience, he will create content that will make Dreww’s clients stand out from the crowd.

Evan Baird

As for Jean-Charles, he was appointed cinematographer within the team. Jean-Charles has been working in the Montreal industry for over 10 years, starting as a camera operator for live television shows. During his many years of work, Jean-Charles has been able to push the limits of his creativity by integrating new lighting technologies on the film sets he worked on. Jean-Charles has notably worked on several Hollywood productions that came to Montreal, such as X-Men or Home Alone just to name a few. He is a filmmaker passionate about what he undertakes and is seen as indispensable to the many films and commercials that Dreww produces.

Jean-Charles Myrand

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Andrew Johnson

President and co-founder of Dreww.