Dreww signs Maple 3 as Agency of Record in Canada

March 3, 2021


Montreal – March 3rd 2021 – Earlier this year, Montreal-based agency and studio Dreww, founded by Andrew Johnson in collaboration with Ann-Stephanie Dumont, launched its new brand and service offering. Following an incredibly successful launch, the agency acquired a number of new clients, including Maple 3, a local Quebec company.

Maple 3 is the passion of Stéphane, the visionary and founder that brought 100% natural maple water to the market year-round. After several years of research and development on this emblematic Canadian product, Stéphane created the world’s first maple grove dedicated solely to the production of maple water.

Filtered by the maple trees of our magnificent Quebec forests, maple water naturally contains 46 essential nutrients, electrolytes and minerals, in addition to having a refreshingly delicious taste with a slightly sweet finish.

Photo: Jp Castonguay

Fascinated and inspired by Stéphane’s history and passion for maple water, the Dreww team could not refuse the mandate. So we’ve joined forces to help with the Maple 3 advertising campaign as well as the launch of a brand new Maple 3 product line coming soon to market. Through the alliance, we are seeking to raise brand awareness of Maple 3 as well as to inform people about the health benefits of maple water as a healthy hydration addition to their lifestyles.

Photo: Jp Castonguay

The Dreww team members will work together with a common goal: to grow the Maple 3 brand. Ann-Stephanie Dumont will be the account manager and content producer while George Zikos will be responsible for branding and positioning. Jean-Philippe Castonguay will also work on several photographic productions, being one of the official photographers of the Dreww team. Clothilde Fortin will be responsible for the company’s various social media platforms, and will work jointly with Adriane Wasserman, Dreww’s community manager and influence campaign coordinator, as well as with Alex Tossounian as a media buyer. 

With the sugaring-off season fast approaching, Maple 3 will be launching a new line of products at the end of March. To make the launch a successful event, Andrew Johnson will be responsible for producing a series of film commercials in collaboration with the director, cinematographer, and editor Matthew Smith.

Photo: Jp Castonguay

About Dreww

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Andrew Johnson

President and co-founder of Dreww.