Mid-Day Squares retains Dreww Studio to produce their next ad campaign

May 14, 2021


Mid-Day Squares has retained Dreww Studio to produce their next ad campaign, which will announce a major partnership between the functional chocolate bar brand and an American retailer. With over 350 locations across the country, the retailer represents a huge distribution opportunity for Mid-Day Squares, which was previously only available online in the U.S. 

Mid-Day Squares – Photo provided by MDS

Mid-Day Squares was created because founder Lezlie Karls was looking for a healthy alternative for her husband who kept eating low-quality chocolate bars at lunchtime. After much research on the nutritional value of different ingredients, Lezlie finally created a delicious and nutritious chocolate bar recipe. With her husband and friends raving about it, Lezlie realized that her creation would definitely have potential in the superfood bar market. So she went into business with her husband, Nick Karles, and her brother Jake. About two years later, the family trio managed to sell more than a million Mid-Day Squares bars: a functional, protein, and fiber-rich chocolate bar that satisfies hunger at any time of day.

Jake, Lezlie, and Nick – Photo provided by MDS

It was only fitting that Dreww and Mid-Day Squares work together on such a production. We are both companies made up of digital natives who believe in the power of social media and content marketing” says Andrew Johnson, CEO of Dreww.

The Mid-Day Squares team entrusted Dreww Studio to bring their creative vision to life. For this production, Andrew Johnson will serve as executive producer alongside Jordan Lavery, the director. Jean-Charles Myrand will be the director of photography, while Evan Baird will be the production manager. Daniel Libman will be the 1st assistant director and will see to the smooth running of the production. Finally, this project would not be possible without the great help of Dreww Studio’s official production partners, Grande Studios.

About Mid-Day Squares

Created in Montreal, Qc, Mid-Day Squares has developed the world’s first functional plant-based chocolate bar. Their products are everything a chocolate bar isn’t, and everything a protein bar wishes it was.

About Dreww 

Dreww is a full-service digital advertising agency and multidisciplinary production studio. It’s a collective of digital natives, all working together to propel brands online.

Andrew Johnson

President and co-founder of Dreww.