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In May of 2022, we asked 40 influencers across Quebec to participate in an influence campaign for the seasonal and limited return of Archibald’s Ensemble Fruité.

The objectives of the campaign were to:

  • Create excitement around the return of the new Ensemble Fruité.
  • Introduce the 4 flavours of the Ensemble Fruité.

The influencers were mandated to post on Instagram in either a carousel (4 images) or REEL format, as well as 3-5 posts on their Instagram STORY featuring Archibald’s brand new Ensemble Fruité.

Overview of results

  • 40 influencers
  • 17 Instagram REELs
  • 22 Instagram Carousels
  • 147 Instagram Stories
  • 21,453 Impressions (carousels)
  • 28,357 Total Engagement
  • 223,315 Views (REELs)
  • 348,822 Total Reach

Here is some of the content that was created for this campaign:

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