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On July 1st 2015, I started working with Olivier Primeau as his digital marketing consultant and director of Marketing at Beachclub. We met when my website Canada Nightlife interviewed him about his recent purchase of Beachclub.

After the interview, I stuck around for a few minutes and we discussed how he was planning on using social media to promote the business he had just acquired with his family. We discussed this for 30 minutes and he offered me the job of Director of Marketing. I immediately accepted and started working with Olivier and the Beachclub team.

The strategy I implemented was to make Olivier Primeau the face of the Beachclub brand in the eye of the public. The idea is that the owner of the venue would be the voice that would communicate Beachclub’s narrative via various social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat.

Social media is about telling a story and it’s so much easier to tell a human’s story than to tell a brand’s story. By making Olivier Primeau the face of Beachclub, his story becomes Beachclub’s story. This allows a human to do Beachclub’s storytelling in an authentic way.

The first thing we did was activate a public figure Facebook page and Instagram account under his own name “Olivier Primeau”. This public figure pages were used to tell his story, build his brand, and cultivate a community of fans who are interested in following his adventures. As we started publishing content to his page we saw instant success. His page rapidly grew to 200 000 fans.

After building Olivier’s public image brands wanted to collaborate with him to take of advantage of his notoriety online . I negotiated and managed all his deals with Bud Light, Labatt, Loto-Québec, Casino de Montréal, Mc-Donalds, among many others. Noteworthy projects we work on are Olivier’s BeachDayEveryDay cans with Labatt, which have sold more than 2 million units in Quebec, as well as a commercial production with Bud Light, and Le Grand Bal influencer event at the Casino de Montréal.

All in all, my strategies allowed Olivier to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue for his business venture Beachclub inc.

Segment from the Audacieux Documentary

Bud Light Short Film

Bud Light Short Film BTS

Le Grand Bal Event

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