The Pink Floyd Exhibition Website Development

January 19, 2023


The Pink Floyd Exhibition was set to make a splash in Montreal and S2BN Entertainment, the team behind the expo, enlisted Dreww, to create a brand-new website to support the event. With only 14 days to build and deliver the website, our team was up for the challenge to design and develop a website that was fully responsive and mobile-friendly to cater to the hundreds of thousands of visitors who would be looking to purchase tickets.

Some website views on an iPhone

Our team built the website on a custom WordPress framework to ensure full creative control and to provide an intuitive experience for visitors. We also implemented a robust hosting solution that could handle the high volume of traffic expected during the exhibition.

One of our main priorities was to give visitors a preview of what to expect from the exhibition through the website. To achieve this, we created custom video and image content that brought the exhibition to life online.

In addition to offering a sneak peek of the exhibition, the website was seamlessly integrated with their ticketing platform. It also included a comprehensive exhibition schedule, pricing details, a background on the exhibition, interactive maps, and a dedicated blog for sharing news updates with patrons.

Homepage on a laptop

To ensure that the website could handle the expected high volume of traffic, we implemented a redundant and robust hosting solution, in order to ensure that the website could handle a high number of visitors simultaneously. The website was designed and built with a mobile-first approach, in order to give visitors easy access to all the information they needed while on the go.

The Pink Floyd Exhibition website development project was a challenging yet rewarding experience for our team at Dreww. We are proud to have delivered a website that can handle the high traffic volume and provide visitors with a seamless online and offline experience.

I reached out to Andrew because I had heard of their excellent work in the entertainment industry. We are looking to sell upwards of +100,000 tickets for this exhibition and we needed a digital marketing strategy and a website that could help us achieve these objectives. We are extremely satisfied thus far with their work. They quite literally pulled a rabbit out of a hat for us by getting our website online only 14 days after signing their mandate. With regards to their digital marketing strategy, we are currently running various positive ROAS campaigns as we approach the opening day of the expo.

André Hudon, Senior Vice-President of Touring at S2BN Entertainment