10 Quebec-Based Nano-Influencers You Should Hire For Your Next Campaign

June 4, 2021


Is it possible to find the right creator(s) for your next influence campaign without going down the rabbit hole? The answer is yes! We compiled a list of our 10 favorite Quebec-based nano and micro-influencers for you to consider hiring for your next influence campaign. 

If you read our article “Why we value nano-influencers with 2k followers over those with 100k”, you would remember that an influencer with fewer followers has the potential to be more profitable as a result of their high engagement rate and the proximity they have with their community. Small influencers have roughly 22 times more weekly conversations about purchasing recommendations than the average consumer. Engagement is an important metric for influence marketing as it helps gauge a campaign’s return on investment (ROI). Nano-influencers are affordable, efficient, and authentic. When well casted, they can lead to a very successful campaign.

Discovering the right nano and micro-influencer requires some digging. Why? Simply put, finding the right nano-influencer is like finding a needle in a haystack. Due to their low-key status, nano-influencers are not as well-known and exposed as bigger influencers; they require you to identify them one by one through a plentitude of Instagram accounts. We curated a list of 10 creators with high engagement rates who produce quality content. Engagement rate refers to a formula that measures the number of interactions a post has in relation to the size of the creators’ audience. The industry standard for a good engagement rate is typically over 2%. However, working with nano-influencers is a completely different ball game! When working with nano-influencers, we look for an engagement rate of over 5%. While we may not be reaching as large an audience as a macro-influencer, rest assured that you will make a true impact on your selected creators’ audiences.

Sarah – @saarou_

  •  Follower count: 5.1K
  • Engagement rate: 17.82%
Sarah – @saarou_

Sarah shares all things beauty, lifestyle and fashion. She is also a great foodie and invites us to discover all the trendy new spots everywhere in town! Sarah has an engaged and loyal following and has previously collaborated with well-known brands such as Rudsak and Mejuri. She also took part in various campaigns with our clients such as St. Regis Wines.

Kevin – @kevindumas3

  • Following: 4.6K
  • Engagement rate: 11.43%
Kevin – @kevindumas3

Kevin’s aesthetic is very chic and effortless. This creator takes his work seriously, he posts high-quality content and makes sure to engage with his audience daily using Instagram stories. Kevin’s content revolves mostly around fashion and design. He also loves to shares his favorite drinks.


  • Following: 15.5 K
  • Engagement rate: 13.61%
Marie-Li – @marilieroy

Marie-Li calls herself the “happy kiddo” and it comes as no surprise – her Instagram feed is nothing but pure joy! This creator shares very colorful and playful content. She has a very high engagement rate and a loyal following. You can also find her on Youtube and Tiktok. She works hard and deserves all of the success she has created for herself. Definitely, someone to keep an eye out for.

Randy Mégane @randy.megane

  • Following: 3.6K
  • Engagement rate: 6.68%

Randy Mégane is a content creator from Quebec City. She is a real fashionista, she has a very creative mind and loves sharing how she can play around with different outfits. She has worked very hard on building her audience and managed to create a very close community around her. 

Randy Mégane – @randy.megane

Sara – @sara.carrier7

  • Following: 1.9K
  • Engagement rate: 6.77%

Sara loves sharing moments of her daily life with her son and her journey of building her dream home. If you love farmhouse kitchen design, you definitely have to check her out! Her aesthetic is a breath of fresh air, with passion and love in all of her posts. She is very promising and worth keeping an eye on! 

Sara – @sara.carrier7

Anna – @annaxlap

  • Following: 7K
  • Engagement rate:11.35%
Anna – @annaxlap

As a professional model, it comes as no surprise that Anna knows all the best Instagram poses. Her followers enjoy going to work with her through her Instagram stories, especially  when she shares behind-the-scenes collaborations with international brands such as Aldo and Rudsak.  Her bubbly personality and her high-quality content results in a highly engaged audience. 

Beatrice De Oliveria – @beadeoliveiraxx

  • Following: 7.4K
  • Engagement rate: 8.33%
Beatrice De Oliveria – @beadeoliveiraxx

Beatrice is of Portuguese origin based in Montreal and is in her last year at Mcgill University. Beatrice’s pictures are always very well thought of. She takes the time to create great storytelling and that does not go unnoticed. Just take a look at the perfect picnic she put together for @cidrelacroix, one of our latest influence campaigns!

Sandrine @Sandrinesanterre

Followers count: 3K

Engagement rate: 16.2%

Sandrine – @sandrinesanterre

Sandrine is passionate about photography. As a photographer, her posts are of the highest quality; she knows how to get the perfect lighting. Sandrine also studied in public relations and communication, which makes her a great businesswoman on top of being a talented content creator!

Ari  – @arilariviere

  •  Following: 9.6K
  • Engagement rate: 5.2%
Ari  – @arilariviere

Ari aka “mama” is a young mother living in Bromont. She shares her daily life as a young mother through her posts that literally spark joy. Ari is also a social media strategist; she clearly knows how to turn Instagram into a great marketing tool. She has a very relatable and authentic approach to social media. 

Lauriane @laurianemontminy

  • Following: 9.5K
  • Engagement rate: 5.11%
Lauriane @laurianemontminy

Lauriane’s Instagram feed has a very unique chic Parisian look. She is very talented, creative, and is able to turn any situation into a dreamy picture. Just take a look at her recent post for our latest influence campaign with @archibaldmicrobrasserie!

That’s it! Those are our top ten nano/micro influencer selections. These content creators were chosen because they managed to create a small, yet highly loyal and engaged audience around them through their authenticity, and that is precisely what influence marketing is all about! 

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