Double promotion at Dreww for Olivia Rijntjes and Clothilde Fortin

January 17, 2022


2021 was a fruitful year for Dreww, a full-service digital advertising agency and multidisciplinary production studio. Its significant growth nationwide is largely due to the exceptional talents it has acquired since the beginning of the year. Among its small but growing team, two employees have stood out and are being promoted to start 2022 on the right foot. Olivia Rijntjes is being promoted to Senior Digital Projects Manager, while Clothilde Fortin will take on the role of Senior Social Media Manager.

The last 12 months have been extraordinary for us. On January 19th, 2021, we launched the Dreww brand and entered a phase of exponential growth which we would not have been available to sustain without our amazing team of digital natives. Olivia and Clothilde were crucial players in maintaining the quality of work we outputted for our various clients and we saw them take on new responsibilities and learn new skills. As we begin the new year with a hiring spree, it was important for us to establish them as senior members of our team that new recruits can look to for advice and mentorship.” – Andrew Johnson, CEO at Dreww.

Olivia Rijntjes has been promoted to Senior Digital Projects Manager. Recognized for her quality work, Olivia has certainly outdone herself since her hiring in May 2021. Organized and attentive, she has completed and produced a number of projects over the past few months. Among other things, she stood out for her contribution during the photo production for the launch of the brand new Dijon Mayonnaise by Maille, the photo production she produced for Slice Gang, and her constant dedication to the project on the most popular mixologists in Montreal, in collaboration with The Great Gentleman. ​​She has strategized and executed numerous influencer campaigns over the last few months such as Maille’s Mayo campaigns, Maille’s BBQ campaigns, St. Regis Spritz campaigns, just to name a few. Now an expert at managing influence campaigns, she will oversee all of the agency’s influence mandates in 2022.

Olivia joined the Dreww team less than 12 months ago, yet it feels like she has been with us for 5 years. She has a deep understanding of how the agency operates. From social media management to ad buying, to influence campaigns, and client pitches, Olivia has demonstrated an eagerness to learn and take on bigger and bigger challenges during her time with us. Today, we trust her to manage her projects with little oversight and for this reason, are promoting her to Senior Digital Projects Manager.” – Ann-Stephanie Dumont, Vice-President at Dreww. 

Clothilde Fortin has been promoted to the position of Senior Social Media Manager. Since her hiring in January 2021, she has made rapid progress within the team. Now an expert in planning content calendars and social media, she will now be responsible for overseeing all activities taking place on Dreww’s clients platforms. Caring and attentive to her clients, Clothilde has also produced numerous photographic productions, each one more creative than the last: many photo productions for Cidrerie Lacroix and for CIRKA Distilleries, as well as one featuring Archibald beers within a festive holiday decor, and many others. 

Clothilde has been with the Dreww team for 12 months now. She was employee #4 at Dreww and is responsible for referring multiple new hires to Andrew and I when we are in the hiring process. Her attention to detail and her artistic spirit allows her to go above and beyond when managing our client’s social media accounts and content calendars. Although she didn’t have agency experience when she joined us, we can now say she is a veteran Social Media Manager and for this reason, we are promoting her to Senior Social Media Manager.” – Ann-Stephanie Dumont, Vice-President at Dreww.

About Dreww

Dreww is a full-digital advertising agency and multidisciplinary production studio. It’s a collective of digital natives, all working together to propel brands online.

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