Embracing a Culture of Candor

April 29, 2023


In the wise words of Ken Blanchard, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” This quote epitomizes a transformative approach we are adopting at Dreww, one that we believe will serve as a stepping stone to unlocking our full potential.

The full keynote given by Andrew Johnson, CEO at Dreww

It all started when I came across a fascinating book, “No Rules Rules” by Reid Hastings. The book provides an in-depth exploration of the unique culture at Netflix, a culture of candor, leading to a workplace defined by freedom and responsibility. Inspired by this innovative perspective, we decided to incorporate a similar culture of candor within our team at Dreww.

What does a culture of candor entail? It’s about frankness, openness, and honesty in our interactions with each other. It’s about eliminating the fear associated with feedback and instead viewing it as a catalyst for improvement and growth. Our vision for Dreww is to celebrate the art of giving and receiving feedback, recognizing it as a crucial ingredient in our journey towards becoming the best versions of ourselves.

We are committed to nurturing a workplace environment characterized by open and honest communication. Our team, a talented group of 22 digital natives, should feel comfortable expressing their opinions and ideas without apprehension of negative reactions. We believe that we are all in this journey together, a journey of learning, evolving, and aiming for the stars.

Being in the ever-evolving field of digital advertising, we understand that perfection is not achievable. But that’s not our goal. Our goal is growth. For us to grow, we need to be open to feedback, appreciate it, and utilize it for betterment. To facilitate this, we are committed to providing a framework that enables everyone to share their insights and observations in a supportive, constructive manner. This framework has been introduced to all the members of our team, and moving forward, will be a part of all new hires’ onboarding.

If you work with us or for us, our promise to you is simple but powerful: we will listen, we will learn, and we will grow, together. We’ll hold each other accountable, not out of fear or criticism, but out of respect and a shared vision for what we can accomplish together. Embracing this culture of candor is our way forward, a path that encourages frankness, honesty, and growth.

At Dreww, we are excited about this new chapter in our journey. We believe that by adopting a culture of candor, we are taking a significant step towards becoming the best in the business. So, let’s embark on this journey together, let’s embrace this culture of candor, let’s be frank, let’s be honest, and let’s strive to be the absolute best versions of ourselves. Together, we can and we will make a difference.

If our commitment to growth, openness, and a culture of candor resonates with you, we encourage you to apply for a job at Dreww. Come experience this transformative environment firsthand and join us on this exciting journey towards continuous improvement and success!

-Andrew Johnson, CEO, Dreww

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Andrew Johnson

President and co-founder of Dreww.