Addison Web Series Campaign

The smartphone is now television and television is now radio. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are now the equivalents of a broadcaster like TVA, V, Radio-Canada, etc. Brands that are aware of this and will be able to produce content such as Friends, Breaking Bad, Entourage, or other shows for these new web platforms will be the winners. This is why we undertook the production of a web series. We crafted a marketing strategy focused on the production and distribution of quality narrative content that integrates the Addison brand in order to attract and retain an audience on social media.

To do so, we created and developed a fictional universe based on two main characters, Simon and Gabin, Addison employees. In each episode, Simon and Gabin will guide viewers through the world of Addison stores with comedy and fantasy. We even created Instagram and Facebook accounts for Simon and Gabin’s characters in order to bring them to life outside of the series, giving the general public the opportunity to interact with them. Since opening the accounts 8 weeks ago, they have accumulated tens of thousands of interactions and over 3 million impressions.

We also developed a dedicated web platform to host the series on the Addison website. You can visit Addison TV to check that out.

The Campaign In Numbers:

  • 1 Trailer
  • 5 Episodes
  • 5 Behind the Scenes
  • 40 + micro contents
  • 1 micro website
  • 1 million minutes of watch time

The Trailer:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

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