Cidre Lacroix Summer 2019 Brand Commercial

March 2, 2020


In the context of our summer 2019 brand campaign for Cidre Lacroix, we mandated our sister company, Independant Studios, to produce a 1min 30 second brand commercial. This was Cidre Lacroix’s first-ever commercial so we opted to communicate the heritage of the brand along with the lifestyle we wanted to associate with it.

The video was then distributed on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook and cumulated more than 500 000 views across all platforms online using ads. Our ads were targeted to Quebec Millenials between the age of 18 and 34 years old.

A Thirst for Apples – Cidre Lacroix (ENG)

Soif de Pommes – Cidre Lacroix (FR)

Behind the Scenes of the production