The Pink Floyd Exhibition Film Production

As part of our mandate to sell tickets and advertise the critically acclaimed The Pink Floyd Exhibition, we produced a captivating 30-second commercial. The exhibition itself is a living tribute to the world of Pink Floyd, and our commercial was a condensed reflection of that immersive experience. This served as a significant piece in a larger advertising campaign, aimed at driving the exhibition’s visibility and boosting ticket sales while it was in Montreal and Toronto.

Our commercial centered around two main characters, immersed in the exhibition. Their explorative journey into the Pink Floyd universe unfolds as they put on their audio guide headphones. Through a clever visual transition, the audience is taken on a journey into the exhibition through the eyes of the female attendee, enabling a vicarious exploration of the psychedelic world of Pink Floyd.

The 30-second version of the main commercial.

An additional asset produced was a 10-second animated flyer commercial, a modern replay of the iconic “Dark Side of The Moon” album cover. The animation showcases a beam of light piercing through a glass prism, creating a vibrant spectrum of colors on the other side – a visual homage to Pink Floyd’s groundbreaking work. This dynamic visual is accompanied by a sound bite from the band’s ethereal track “Breathe”, enhancing the sensory experience for the viewers. Crafted for out-of-home (OOH) advertising, social media engagement, and inclusion in our digital ad-buying campaigns, this brief yet impactful asset played a pivotal role in attracting potential attendees and amplifying the exhibition’s reach.

10-second animated flyer commercial.

In conclusion, this project showcased the breadth of our capabilities at Dreww, as we delivered a holistic advertising solution that successfully increased the visibility and ticket sales of the Pink Floyd Exhibition.

Alongside this, we also offered a suite of complementary services – including the design and development of a modern website and a targeted digital ad buying campaign – each of which contributed to the overall success of the project.

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